Factory fire in St Peters

Published: 30th March 2009

In the early hours of this morning more than 60 firefighters from surrounding stations responded to a major factory fire in Unwins Bridge Road, St Peters. The first fire crews were on scene in six minutes to report a large single level factory, comprising several different businesses, engulfed in flames with the fire spreading to surrounding factories. Access to the factory was not possible because of the intensity of the fire. Two hydraulic ladder fire engines were positioned at either end of the long factory and began to contain the blaze while fire crews forced entry into neighbouring factories to stop the fire spreading further. The actions of fire crews in very demanding conditions stopped the spread of the fire and saved many adjoining factories. The fire was very difficult to extinguish because of the contents of the factory and fire crews were not able to reach all of the fire because of the severe damage to the structure of the building. Hazmat specialists conducted air sampling at two nearby schools and the principals were advised to closed all doors and windows and shut down the air conditioning. Demolition equipment was brought in to pull down and break up the factory and its contents, allowing fire crews to reach the deep seated fire. Firefighters remained at the incident until early the following morning.