Gas cylinder emergency at Narellan

Published: 4th March 2009

Firefighters from ten stations, Hazmat specialists from St Marys and Greenacre, the Duty and Zone Commanders and other senior officers responded to an emergency in Graham Road, Narellan this evening. Fire crews were on scene in seven minutes to be confronted with a fire under a 5000 litre LPG cylinder with other large cylinders and factory units nearby. Firefighters immediately set up fire hoses to cool the cylinders and to protect the buildings. Approximately 100 people were evacuated from an area of around one kilometre as the cylinder had vented because of a build up of pressure. Once the fire under the cylinder was extinguished crews continued to cool all of the cylinders until temperature readings indicated that it was safe to approach them. NSW Fire Brigades and gas company representatives examined the cylinders and found that they were structurally sound with only mild fire damage. Hazmat specialists checked for any elevated gas readings and when the area was declared safe the evacuated people, which were mainly workers from the premises, were allowed to return. The cause of the emergency is being investigated.