2006 Firefighter Championships: The stakes are high in the 2006 NSWFB Firefighter Championships

Published: 26th October 2006

Teams are gearing up for the pointy end of the competition in the 2006 Firefighter Championships in Port Macquarie. Crews from across NSW and as far away as Victoria, Queensland and New Zealand have competed in three events today (Thursday 26 October).

Kelso, the reigning State and National champions continued to compete strongly and retain their position at the top of the points table. The team from Casino had an excellent day, placing first in the Hose and Hydrant competition and second in the Urban Pumper and Breeching event. This has taken them up the points ladder to place second.

The rain held off for another 100 local year five students to visit the competition ground and participate in Fire ED. Firefighters are looking forward to welcoming more than 150 members of the Hastings 'Older and Active Club' to the competition ground tomorrow where they will be given an opportunity to talk to firefighters about hme fire safety and the NSWFB’s Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement for the Elderly (SABRE) program.

The team from Kelso are looking strong to take out the prize, however with only a few points separating the teams, it is possible there could be an upset during the last day of competition tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out your favourite teams overall results.

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Results from day four of the Firefighter Championships

Event 11 – Hose and Hydrant (4 competitors)

team of four firefighters use mains water sourced from a hydrant to pump water through two lengths of hose to strike a target.


  1. Casino (19.33 seconds)
  2. Thirroul (20.36 seconds)
  3. Scarborough (21.09 seconds)
  4. Nowra (21.84 seconds)
  5. Echuca (VIC) (22.35 seconds)

Event 12 – Urban Pump and Breaching (4 competitors)

A team of four firefighters use an 'urban pump' fire engine to pump water from a hydrant to strike a target.


  1. South Grafton (37.01 seconds)
  2. Casino (37.11 seconds)
  3. Nowra (37.52 seconds)
  4. Glen Innes (38.38 seconds)
  5. Kelso (39.28 seconds)

Event 13 – 600 gallon Pump Collector (4 competitors)

A team of four firefighters use an ‘International’ fire engine to link hoses to hydrant water and strike a target.

  1. Balgownie (37.92 seconds)
  2. Trangie (39.13 seconds)
  3. Scarborough (39.95 seconds)
  4. Dorrigo (40.03 seconds)
  5. Kelso (40.98 seconds)

Leader board

Competition placings at the end of day four are;

  1. Kelso
  2. Casino
  3. Nowra
  4. Scarborough
  5. Glen Innes

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