16 November 2006 - Don't have the NSW Fire Brigades "crash" your barbeque this summer

Published: 16th November 2006

Summer is coming and so is Christmas, the holidays and family get togethers.

Nothing epitomises summer like a gathering around the barbeque, but unfortunately, for too many people a family barbeque can have disastrous consequences.

The combination of a party atmosphere, free-flowing drinks, children playing nearby and an open fire or gas barbeque can quickly turn a joyous occasion into a family tragedy.

Simple precautions such as ensuring your barbeque is properly serviced and maintained, checking gas cylinders for rust or damage, taking care around children and some common sense can greatly reduce the chances of your barbeque needing the services of the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) this summer.

During periods of Total Fire Bans the use of barbeques is strictly limited, check with your local NSWFB fire station or Rural Fire Service Brigade for further details.

To ensure that your barbeques are both enjoyable and safe this summer, follow the NSWFB barbeque fire safety tips for the safe use of barbeques.

A little care and planning and a dash of common sense can ensure your barbeque doesn't "go up in flames".