Cooler conditions hamper backburning

Published: 24th November 2006

A cooler night in the Blue Mountains with light rain falling hampered the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB), NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the National Parks and Wildlife Service in their bid to backburn on Thursday 24 November, but did not extinguish the main fire fronts.

The misty rain as well as foggy and damp conditions halted operational activities for up to 12 hours in the firefighters’ bid to control the many fires burning in the Gross Valley.

There are still seven bushfire emergencies throughout the State, many of which are in remote areas.

Eight NSW Fire Brigade fire engines are working in the Blue Mountains today compared to 52 yesterday.

Some additional Total Fire bans have been declared from 9.30am due to deterioration in weather conditions west of the range. Grass fires in the region west of the ranges continue to be a problem with most spreading under.

For more information on the bushfire situation see the RFS web site