Published: 27th January 2009

NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) Acting Commissioner John Benson today congratulated Young Fire Station Commander, Captain Stan Reimer on receiving the Australian Fire Service Medal in the 2009 Australia Day Honours.

Captain Reimer was one of three NSW Fire Brigade officers awarded the AFSM today, one of thehighest honours an Australian firefighter can receive.

Acting Commissioner Benson said since joining the NSWFB in 1965, Captain Reimer has served the NSWFB with distinction and played a crucial role in introducing initiatives to protect the community from fire and other emergencies.

"Captain Reimer is an active and respected member of the Young community, serving as aretained or 'on call' officer for the Young Fire Brigade for 42 years.

"Since his appointment to Captain, he has responded to thousands of incidents and helped to educate residents about fire hazards and enhanced fire safety in a number of community-based projects.

"For the past two years he has set up a culturally and linguistically diverse initiative in the Young community to increase fire safety awareness amongst ethnic residents and also facilitated fire safety talks to more than 1 500 school children in the Young region and neighbouring areas withthe NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) FireEd program.

"In 1996, Captain Reimer oversaw a smoke alarm campaign during the Christmas period to increase the number of smoke alarms installed in homes and help ensure Young residents had the early warning needed to escape a fire outbreak.

"In addition to serving the community, Captain Reimer has helped the Brigade respond to major emergencies including the 2008 Grenfall factory fire when a Brigade officer in charge fell ill and Captain Reimer assumed command and control of the multi-agency operation.

"He has also provided guidance and support to members of the Fire Brigade, ensuring that thecommunity maintains a strong contingent of retained firefighters."

Acting Commissioner Benson said Captain Reimer's dedication to the community and his ongoingefforts to improve fire service delivery in the area, made him a worthy recipient of the award.

"Captain Reimer is a tremendous asset to the Brigade and a highly respected member of the community and I congratulate him on receiving this prestigious award," Acting Commissioner Benson said.