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Flash Magazine FAQs

How do I navigate around the magazine?

There are a number of ways you can navigate around Fire News Online:

  • click on the hyper-linked name of an article in the Table of Contents on the inside front cover, to go directly to this article
  • position the screen cursor on one page, then hold the left mouse button down while you move the cursor across to the opposite page, thus turning the page
  • click on < (Previous Page) or > (Next Page) to go to the pages immediately before or after the one you are viewing
  • click on l< (Front Cover) or >l (Back Cover) to go to the very start or very back of the magazine
  • enter the page number you want in the page number field in the bottom toolbar, then click on the Go to Page icon.

How do I listen to the videos with sound?

The October issue of Fire News Online has 2 video clips with accompanying sound:

  • Hooley Dooleys Triple Zero community safety announcement for children (page 9)
  • Interview with SO Phil Etienne about the Accelerant Detection Canine program (page 30).

To hear the sound, your computer needs:

  • a sound card installed
  • sound activated (to switch sound on, go to the Settings menu, select Control Panels, Select Sound and Audio Devices, then check that sound is enabled. Alternatively, use the Volume icon in the bottom taskbar to ensure sound is not muted or at minimum volume).

How do I adjust the size of the magazine on my screen?

There are various ways of adjusting the size of the magazine on your screen.

Increasing magazine size reduces resolution, and particularly affects clarity of photos and videos.

  • Click on the 1:1 icon to display the magazine at actual size (this is probably too large for you to see the whole double page at once on screen)
  • Click on the Zoom In/Zoom Out icon to reduce or enlarge the magazine to suit the size of your screen and the text size that you find comfortable to read
  • To zoom out completely, click on the Fit to Page icon.
  • Click on the Fit to Page icon to fit the magazine into the space available
  • Click on the Full Screen icon to display the magazine without Windows taskbars. Press the escape key (top left hand of your keyboard) to exit full screen mode

How do I print the magazine?

The magazine is designed to be read on screen. We would encourage you to consider the environment and avoiding printing out if possible.

To speed up downloading, the magazine is not one large file, but each double page is a separate file. This means that printing out can only be done one or two pages at a time. If you do need to print out a particular article, select the Print icon from the top header panel, and then click on the left or right hand page as desired.

The HTML version is optimised for printing, and hence it may be easier to print from that version rather than the Flash version.

Flash Version Requirements


  • Pentium III or above, or equivalent
  • 256 Megabytes RAM
  • Sound card
  • 300 Megabytes available disk space


Internet connection

  • Preferred Broadband speed 256k+
  • Dial-up connections will be considerably slower, particularly when viewing pages containing video

If your computer setup does not meet these requirements, then use the Basic HTML Version instead.