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  • Home Fire Safety

    The key to reducing the risk of fire occuring in your home and to surviving a house fire is being prepared. Everyone in your household should understand what risks there are in your home and what to do to minimise them.
    Fire safety at home

  • Protect your Mob

    Protect your Mob is Fire & Rescue NSW's Indigenous Portal. It's a place were you can find fire safety resources to help you protect your Mob
    Visit the Protect your Mob portal

  • Community Fire Units

    Do you live in a bushland area in NSW?
    Then there is a chance that your street is at risk of being impacted by a bushfire.
    You and your neighbours could benefit from becoming a Community Fire Unit. By becoming a member you will receive training and equipment to prepare, prevent and protect you from bushfires.
    Visit the Community Fire Units website

  • Safety Campaigns

    Throughout the year, the Fire & Rescue NSW runs community safety campaigns to target key safety risks.
    Safety Campaigns

  • Safety Programs

    The Fire & Rescue NSW researches and delivers a range of community safety initiatives and prevention programs.
    Safety Programs

  • Safety Resources

    General information from home fire safety and bushfire safety to specialised information such as medical oxygen checklists and children and fire fascination, the Fire & Rescue NSW has created a range of factsheets to help you stay fire safe all year round.
    Translated Fact Sheets
    Multimedia Safety Resources

  • For Kids

    Drop into Brigade Kids for some fun games, make and do's and singing.
    Brigade Kids

  • Our Partners

    The Fire & Rescue NSW wishes to thank our corporate partners who assist us with key community fire safety programs.
    Who are our community partners