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Benefits of being a Retained Firefighter

What’s in it for me?

In addition to meeting a range of new people, there’s the chance to make a real contribution to your community by ensuring the protection of their families, homes and environment.

Many of our passionate Retained Firefighters tell us they love their job; both for the excitement and satisfaction of doing something valued and respected, and for the camaraderie of working with other team members in conditions that may be hazardous.

As an employee of FRNSW, you will not only be making a strong contribution to an organisation with a long and proud history of serving and protecting the people of NSW, but will get to wear our uniform with pride, and work in a field consistently voted as one of the most sought after  and valued professions.

The training provided to Retained Firefighters also transfers to other elements of work and life including public safety, use of specialist equipment, first aid, and the confidence to deal with a range of work and life challenges.

What’s in it for my employer?

Your primary employer will be rewarded by your increased confidence, knowledge and skills from our training and work experiences. You will also be able to support your workplace with knowledge and skills in first aid, basic life support, fire fighting and emergency response planning. Your employer will also not only be supporting the community, but protecting their business as well!

How much do I get paid?

Retained Firefighters are paid:

  1. an hourly rate for attending incidents, training and drills at the station (see table below)
  2. a fortnightly ‘retainer’ to be on call
  3. other paid entitlements e.g. leave (annual, sick and long service) and superannuation.

Current pay rates for Retained Firefighters are:


Fortnightly Retainer $

Hourly rate $

Years of Service

Firefighter C




Firefighter B




Firefighter A