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Heavy Rescue (Isuzu FVR950t)

Heavy Rescue (Isuzu FVR950t)
Credit: © Martin Grant

Chassis Make & Model: Isuzu FVR950 Heavy Duty
Body Manufacturer: Mills-Tui Limited (Australia)
Commissioned: 2000 - 2001 (10 Vehicles)
Crew Capacity: 2
Gross Operating Mass: 10.58 tonne
Dimensions: 7.77m (L), 3.10m (H), 2.50m (W)
Wheelbase: 4.25m
Turning Circle: 14.9m (k/k)

Axle Ratings: Front: 6 300kg Rear: 10 500kg
Engine: Isuzu 6SD1-TC, 9.8 litre (199kW)
Maximum Torque: 1000Nm @ 1500rpm
Transmission: Allison MD3060 PR, 6 speed automatic

Alternator Drive: Brueninghaus hydromatik hydraulic pump
Alternator: Powerlite BCU64D, 16kVA, 3 phase
VehicleLights: 5 x Quell 300 Watt lights on telescopic stem, Command Light, 6000kW, 415V
Vehicle Winch: Warn M10,000lbs (4500kg), 38m x 9.5mm