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Guidelines for built environment

Guidelines for built environment


Guidelines for Emergency Plans at sites having Dangerous Goods, Explosives and Major Hazard Facilities (PDF)

Guideline for impulse fans in car parks (PDF)

Guidelines for emergency vehicle access (PDF, 2MB)

Guidelines for tactical fire plans (PDF, 1.1MB)

Guidelines on streamlined 144 applications for large isolated buildings (PDF, 303KB)

Guidelines for minor residential development (PDF, 500KB)

Guidelines for bulk storage of rubber tyres (PDF, 500KB)

Guide sheets for built environment


Guide sheet 1: Features of AS2419.1 Booster Assembly (PDF, 207KB)

Guide sheet 2: Location of AS2419.1 Booster Assembly (PDF, 199KB)

Guide sheet 3: Pump performance of NSWFB appliances (PDF, 316KB)

Guide sheet 4: NSW Fire Brigade Hose Couplings (PDF, 183KB)

Guide sheet 5: Hardstand areas for NSWFB appliances (PDF, 1.5MB)

Guide sheet 6: Booster inlets - Single insert boosters (PDF, 570KB)

Guide sheet 7: Security in apartment complexes (PDF, 66KB)