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Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is the largest rescue service in NSW with 182 accredited rescue units and 1,853 specialised accredited rescue operators.  In fact, FRNSW is involved in nearly 12,000 rescue incidents each year.

FRNSW has 6,800 firefighters, both fulltime and on-call, who are all trained in basic rescue and undertake regular training and fortnightly drills to ensure their skills are up-to-date.

FRNSW is recognised as a world leader in road accident rescue and our Urban Search and Rescue specialists are the primary responders to disasters and major emergency incidents such as earthquakes, train crashes, building collapse and complex rescues. FRNSW is the only agency in NSW with Rescue Technicians trained to tunnel into collapsed structures, cut through concrete and steel, and use sophisticated electronic search devices.

Every fire engine in NSW carries rescue equipment, including rope rescue capabilities for heights and depths, and breathing apparatus for confined space rescues and hazardous atmospheres.

Our rescue operators also works in conjunction with other government agencies including the NSW Police Service, Ambulance Service of NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service