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Fire & Rescue NSW is the public sector agency responsible for managing fire emergencies in major cities, metropolitan areas and towns across NSW. Under the Fire Brigades Act 1989 we also protect the State from hazardous material incidents and by extension of this capability terrorism consequence management.

We have the organisational capability and resilience to respond to or support other government agencies during and after bushfires, storms, floods, landslides, building collapses, rescues and other emergency situations.

What we're doing

Information on some of the latest emergency incidents in New South Wales attended by Fire & Rescue NSW.
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Information about types of incidents

Incident investigation

The Fire & Rescue NSW Fire Investigation and Research Unit (FIRU) provides a range of investigative and research services to both internal and external customers including research into human and structural behaviour during fire, and, the associated impacts for performance based building design.
Incident investigation

History of major incidents

Information on some of the major emergency incidents to occur in New South Wales.
History of major incidents

Incident photo gallery

Photos from latest and major incidents